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As for Ace16.1 outsole, Sprintframe described as timeless, did not see the old state, which combines a cylindrical spikes brought a moderate elasticity and rigidity. This makes it not too hard soles, but also provides the necessary fast reaction while steering during emergency stop is not ball dropped. Are performance Ace16.1 really as Adidas said generally be “chasing”? Adidas continued to promote its “chasing” and “control everything”, made no secret of the brand’s series Ace transfer control line soccer shoes. Although different in appearance, but Adidas is still claiming Control Web element as a synthetic material and is three before. But this pair of shoes feel really different from the past, we can clearly see a change from 15.1 to 16.1. Although it looks a strong sense of plastic uppers, but once on foot, this impression will be changed soon. Control Web elements is actually more like a rubber buffer element covers the entire upper, which in addition to bring a different look, but also bring a good sense of cushion. Possession feel good, but slightly prominent Control Web provides a sense buffer. In fact, the upper triangular projection is less than 1 cm high, so in order to provide a buffer at the same time, will not bring much of a sense of distance.

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Prior to this, cooperation in terms of lifestyle has been led by the endorsement Alonso, and now, bilateral cooperation has embarked on a new level, they created a pair of high-performance soccer shoes, not only brings luxury design, also it reflects the long history of both brands. Adidas ACE 16.1 soccer shoes real reviews – Stadium tough camp selection: Perhaps the ordinary version of soccer shoes Adidas Ace16.1 now in more adventurous nature Ace16.1 Primeknit and Ace16 + appear before PureControl seem less conspicuous, but there is no doubt it is currently the most diligent Adidas flagship product. So if it can not “no laces” gimmick or Primeknit achieve their proper level to help knit material under it? Let’s try to put it exactly.
Normal version Ace16.1 soccer shoes now difficult when Ace15.1 just released like that compelling. As no laces PureControl and the use Primeknit upper Ace has attracted the most attention, synthetic material version Ace16.1 becomes too “commonplace.” However, no matter how other special editions and then a bit of good, Adidas soccer shoes who play the leading role in the revolution, this is still a common synthetic material version Ace16.1.Indeed, if one pair of soccer shoes in the second year after its birth began to enter a recession, then we would be shocked by such a bold approach German brand.

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In early January 2016, Adidas launched the first in the structure using X-Cage amazing gradient design X15.1 soccer shoes. Although at the time of the white / blue impact / shock X15.1 red color is women’s exclusive, but the white / blue / green / black color of the Adidas X15.1 will appear at the foot of Luis Suarez and other stars of Geras Bell. A combination of white main color and strong contrast black techfit collar, this color commercially X15.1 final soccer shoes in the middle of the X-Cage called the structure of the eye-catching blue, blue-green and light green gradient effect, the effects also uses X series iconic lattice pattern. Adidas logo at heel was black. The soccer shoe outsole mainly black, six major spike low-end blue. It also has two studs, its design inspired by the dash with spikes design. The new color of the Adidas X15.1 soccer shoe design and previous versions are identical. Designed for good at creating confusion on the field players and a special X15.1 soccer shoes with a thin synthetic upper for better ball control, and high-top shoes, socks, bring the collar-like fit.Retail White / semi daylight green / shock blue / black Adidas X15.1 soccer shoes and other same color for $ 200, and will launch FG / AG, SG and AG version.

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US light extreme soccer shoes Adidas X 15+ SL appreciate: Let us continue over the weekend to see in the game after SL adidas X15 + soccer shoes and then watch it carefully observed, this is the adidas X-Series launched in May 2015 after the first paragraph SL version of the product. This season we have a taste of the second-generation version of ACE and ACE 16+ Purecontrol strapless soccer shoes, but if you upgrade version X series until the European Cup and the America’s Cup is coming late. But come early as more clever, last weekend’s European competition X15 + SL has to show us its mouth-watering appearance beautiful and strong combat capability. Adidas X15 + SL streamlined look stunning Adidas in the European Cup and the America’s Cup warm-up match lot of extra points, lightweight design makes even more high-end X 15.1. As Adidas in 2014 after only lightweight product, the newly designed X-CAGE with TPU material has amazing speed and striking appearance. The new three-level x-skin uppers, offers comfort and all-weather performance, lightweight design provides the agility guarantee. Improved trendy collar provides a more appropriate fit ankle lock, x-claw outsole slight adjustment is still the most solid support guarantee.

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Yes, a mere 9 grams, Adidas has been dubbed the name of the ultralight SL. Another major difference is that the upper, it has also been a lot of praise professionals. X15 + SL uses a softer shoe, though adidas insisted that such a change does not necessarily enhance the touch, but many people think that such a change for enhancing the feel quite effective. Really is a big change for the better is changing. In order to provide better locking in high-speed movement, Adidas also Techfit collar made some improvements, but the effect has not changed. As for these two shoes who is better, then it is a matter of preference, at least Benzema Real Madrid derby in the country when the intermission, from X15 + SL will change the X15.1, at least that for Benzema speaking, X15.1 better. If you are facing a dilemma between the two really do not know what the choice, we recommend that you feel both uppers and see which one you prefer. Of course, if money is not bad, buy all experience is a very good choice.With the recently released “shock blue” color big soccer shoes, Adidas also for its small-field soccer shoes Ace16 + TKRZ blue color has had an impact.

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Now, they in turn write a splendid touch, but this is a good or bad probably a matter of opinion. Here, we introduce the newest member of the grand Adidas Limited Collector Series: Adidas Copa SL. Adidas has launched limited edition series, because they realized that in football shoes enthusiasts, collectors culture prevails, in order to this culture to a new high, Adidas has launched a new series of limited edition series soccer shoes, football shoes fans bring wave after wave of unique style. Such trend continues to this day, let us see them Adidas’s most enduring a classic football shoes move from the brain, and that is Copa soccer shoes. Adidas for this big move, we express really can not describe, especially if they are really drastic change. In the latest Copa SL, Adidas players attempt to introduce a modern version of the classic Copa, and thus showcase their innovative and creative instinct. In this innovative process, they will be Copa kangaroo leather upper replaced by a thin layer Hybrid Touch microfiber uppers, such a change will undoubtedly caused uproar in the Copa fans, but this itself is regarded as the classical The new definition.

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White / yellow Adidas Ace16.1 Primeknit soccer shoes will be available early June 2016, the price will be $ 250. Unique Adidas Ace 16.1 leather edition football shoes spy: black / white / gold Adidas Ace 16.1 leather version soccer shoes Adidas transfer control line soccer shoe brings a unique design, the shoe upcoming June 2016 launch. Main color combination of black, white, three bars and a unique gold pattern at the heel, this soccer shoe is to stand out on the pitch. Technically, black / gold Adida Ace 16.1 leather and other leather version version Ace identical. Ace 16.1 leather version with a lightweight Kangaroo leather upper and outsole for ultimate ball control and speed. Black / white / gold Adidas Ace 16.1 leather soccer shoes will retail version and before the same color for $ 200. The new soccer shoes Adidas X16.1 Spy Shots: red Adidas X16.1 new generation of soccer shoes football shoes Adidas Chaos brings eye-catching new design, the shoe is about to launch around July 2016. Although X16.1 starting color for the 2016 edition of the European Cup silver red color, but this has not yet listed on the second wave hit the color soccer shoes spy photos have also been spread out.Between May 2015, Adidas introduced the history of the first X series soccer shoes, soccer shoes into the series specially good at creating confusion and players on the field, and in the 2015 Champions League finals by the Soares, the present Ma Bell and the others main endorsement.

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Red and black color reproduction of rivers and lakes, which in the end is the classic reproduction of it? Adidas still draw a tiger not a like a dog failed attempt? Once it really only the listing, we will see the outcome. Mei number one next season will be on foot high-top soccer shoes? Impact blue Adidas Messi16.1 Adidas soccer shoes Messi exclusive second-generation Series brings stunning design, the upcoming soccer shoes launched in July 2016. However, starting from next season, I will put a new Macy impact blue / silver / black Adidas Messi PureAgility revolutionary new soccer shoes, traditional low cut version Messi16.1 will not appear at the foot of Barcelona kings. May 2016, adidas will launch a new eye-catching silver Adidas Messi16.1 soccer shoes. The blue color of the paragraph will be Messi16.1 soccer shoes. It combines the main color blue and silver bars as well as three eye-catching orange Adidas logo at the heel, Messi16.1 second paragraph of its color and the color is similar to the America’s Cup. Adidas brought outsole blue / black vamp and pure blue color of this new 2016-17 season, and with Obscure. So simple and appealing color will suit the public taste.

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Perhaps Deadly Focus Pack is indeed limited edition series, but we prefer to put it, kill it on the floor a seven into seven! The new Adidas X16 + PureChaos 2016 European Cup soccer shoes Color Spy Shots: New Adidas X16 + PureChaos 2016 European Cup soccer shoes brings bold color shiny appearance of the shoe during the upcoming Champions League final on May 28, 2016. From the latest spy photos point of view, new shoes also uses almost no lace design, and the name of the new shoes is likely to be PureChaos, of course, at present there is a saying PureSpeed. Currently endorsement Adidas X15.1 of you big players, such as Thomas Muller, Geras Bell and Luis Suarez, who, when should dress latest PureChaos soccer shoes. 2016 European Cup and other soccer shoes Adidas color similar to this football shoes Adidas X16 + PureChaos whole body is snow, accompanied by red details. And Ace16 + PureControl similar, X16 + PureChaose sole also has a metallic luster FIG coating. On the inside it has huge feet shoes Adidas Performance logo and strong contrast lining and laces, compared with solar red.In order to bring greater and more uniform surface than the regular version hitting the Adidas X16.1 soccer shoes, Adidas X16 + PureChaos soccer shoe laces are hidden beneath the upper, only the top faintly visible.