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Despite the novelty is that many aspects of people eye-opening, but Adidas Ace16 + PureControl shot indeed in some short board. Instep area and the largest stretch on both sides of the hardest junction region, which is at the end of three bars to make people feel a bit strange, after each shot, we all feel the foot in the shoe has a displacement, first, move forward and then back into place. Sounds, feet in the shoes of the problem seems to be slipping can be alleviated by wearing socks TruSox God, but actually when your foot is in the air force does not act on the insole, so the main reason for this problem is the lack of laces fixed foot caused. In fact, the extent of displacement is not too far, but in the second half of the game, we began to realize that originally bonded soccer shoes appeared in the case of the top foot, that foot position appeared more significant advance . Taking into account the correct design Adidas shoes made for these feet, as well as cross-age significance of these shoes, it is still very impressive. Although often thought of once before pulling loop break to how to wear the shoes we frown, but after all the work from the point of view of feet shoes should be worn for a long time. This is why Adidas in many of its parts are made to consolidate measures to ensure its wearability.

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Before the 2015 Champions League final in Berlin, Adidas launched a new X15.1 soccer shoes. X Series plus Ace series and Messi exclusive series, constitutes a new product serial Adidas soccer shoes on its products after the reform. “Deadly Focus” Adidas X15.1 soccer shoes with a black and white version of the luxury snakeskin shoe design. The outsole, X-Cage and laces and lining are all black. This feet all Adidas logo on the shoes are all black, so that the limited-edition X15.1 look more ferocious. From a technical perspective, the “deadly focus” Adidas X15.1 soccer shoes and the general version of the same. It uses a lightweight synthetic upper, at both ends of the external X-Cage structure provides better stability. At the same time, the football shoe soles with a unique mix nail design, suitable for both AG and FG of site conditions. Limited edition “fatal dedicated” retail price of soccer shoes Adidas X15.1 slightly higher than the ordinary version, 220 dollars. Yellow Adidas Gloro16.1 soccer shoes for the second generation of soccer shoes Gloro brought whole yellow appearance. Adidas Gloro soccer shoes for players who want to have a modern classic football shoes but limited budget. The solar yellow soccer shoes Adidas Gloro16.1 overall use of the yellow, no other noise, this design is elegant and outstanding.

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PureControl after playing the first thing you’ll notice is that the upper thicker than you think more. From the figure, it seems PureControl is a pair of shoelaces removed F50 Adizero, but in fact, in order to ensure that under no circumstances laces fit Adidas shoes added a lot of extra padding part, so the whole double shoes are not quite feel the same. As mentioned earlier, the soccer shoes outside is hard to prevent the emergency stop turning when Wei feet, which caused it seems a little thick at the ball. As for the toe and medial putting green, have done a thickening process, but said from the touch is remarkable. This feet shoes have significant buffering effect at the time of the long ball, or pick someone strong pass, but say that may make some of the more hope there barefoot players feel discouraged. On the run, you will notice in the corner area PureControl some deformation, but this does not affect the shape of soccer shoes or the ball touch. When you want to control the situation, quite comfortable wearing it pass the ball, especially in the performance of those thicker Priemkit region is very prominent. Touch fader area can do so the players arbitrary point. Despite the novelty is that many aspects of people eye-opening, but Adidas Ace16 + PureControl shot indeed in some short board.

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Shoes in front of the collar ring and pull the bottom spikes pink (red with green, a perfect match), how to look, this pair of shoes and understated color are irrelevant. Careful observation, we found that the green shoe is also sandwiched a trace of yellow, as is now supposed to be elastic shoelace site has the striped pattern, looks like a Norwich fan favorite team in general (Translator’s Note, Connaught Albion traditional yellow and green color match). Another point worth noting is that the sole shining metallic coating is likely to fall off during use, we will find that after shedding outsole is pure green, with the color of the upper. Adidas soccer shoes without laces whether still inherits comfortable wearing last year Primeknit series? Or shoelaces addition, there are other things to be discarded? Adidas launched Primeknit series of soccer shoes to wear really comfortable and well known, I personally hope Ace15 + Primeknit to wear off the bottom after it converted into slippers remain in service. Since the new PureControl use than previous sections Primeknit football shoes are more knitted material, it looks like it should be more comfortable to wear than its predecessor is. Before discussing the wearing comfort, we have to talk about the shoes size selection, because the choice of the right size shoes for comfort and the fit is essential.

Meixi Ou crown training before the game to try “Solar Slime” soccer shoes: Adidas will not let any one of the key propaganda node. Barcelona this season, one of the highlights of the upcoming Champions League match against Arsenal, there is no more appropriate time than this time Messi put on a new soccer shoes. In the night before the race to adapt to field training, Messi wearing the latest adidas Messi 15.1 “Solar Slime” soccer shoes entered the Emirates Stadium. His training and Suarez and Neymar game show with your feet, seems to be in north London to show off the latest exclusive boots. Messi looks ready to wear new boots exclusive to a showdown with Arsenal, and we are confident to see him let Mertesacker rickety appearance, despite wearing a new pair of soccer shoes. Adidas soccer shoes Messi 15.1 Release Solar lime color,Barcelona’s Champions League knockout opening day morning, Adidas has released this year’s first soccer shoes Messi15.1 color. Bright “Solar lime” color will play against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium debut.Learned some elements of the previous version, Adidas shoes in front of the feet of the use of this “Solar lime” color, which is the first exclusive series of individual Messi fourth paragraph commercially available version, if you count the “platinum” Edition and Version 10/10 double ten two limited edition, then this is the paragraph 6. Smart green with a huge sign Messi, constitute the color of each section of soccer shoes. Of course, if you are the first person in world football, you naturally have a wayward qualify.

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Primeknit material covering the entire pair of shoes when the ball provided a good buffer also brings a warm feeling. The only debatable is probably known as the Adidas soccer shoes and the previous generation using the NSG (uninterrupted grip) technology. The technology is covered in the upper projection, to help enhance the control of the ball in the rain, but that projection is too small is too small, the estimated effect is very limited. Not that it feet shoes in the rain requires additional auxiliary ball, just propaganda for so long NSG, it seems a bit like the legendary back things up. Adidas on Ace16.1 canceled one of the most talked about creativity 2015, is designed to have a big bottom two spikes. But while the return to the traditional 11 nail set, Adidas still be identified as FG / AG, mainly because cylindrical spikes sake. But believe me, it is more suitable for FG, or the Master of grass, Common carpet grass or artificial turf, it would be best not on. Adidas Ace16.1 Primeknit feet shoes that is not partial code, but can also fit most foot. Moreover, it looks like after a sufficient lubrication of machines in general, can be resistant to several seasons, and then finally a glorious retirement.

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Retail price shocks blue Adidas Ace Tekkers soccer shoes for 150 dollars, and listed since April 2016. Adidas ACE 16.1 Primeknit soccer shoes combat Reviews: 2016 Annual offensive three bars have already started, and bear the brunt of the team, the new Ace16.1 Primeknit soccer shoes is undoubtedly an important one, especially if you also shoelaces monopoly situation bell’s words. So, whether this is a strong contender for soccer shoes 2016 best soccer shoes it? Perhaps Ace16.1 Primeknit Adidas soccer shoes, the family is still junior, but the series has been founded since 2015, has become one of the aspects of Adidas soccer shoes revolution most commendable. Today, Adidas launched a new knitting vamps, the goal remains the same, that is, to make football shoes have Primeknit fit and comfort while also providing the best touch. But now most undoubtedly steal no laces PureControl, then Primeknit face strong sibling without laces, whether there is still enough things to watch it? Let’s get ready shoelace, take a look. First impression: Whether you choose a color, the first thing is certainly midfoot that huge three bars. Adidas design on PureControl not too many fancy details, but it’s little brothers, but eager, one hundred meters from the outside you can clearly see the manufacturer’s logo that feet shoes.

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It only uses kangaroo leather material, without adding any other elements. Therefore, the selling point is comfortable to wear, while natural kangaroo leather provides lightweight soft and comfortable to wear and conform fit foot of. The traditional kangaroo leather surface through erosion (Etching) process, brings a unique texture. Adidas Ace bigwigs J Lo, is to wear the X? We also see that J Lo wore no laces appearances that day thing? Because Real Madrid star James Rodríguez recent training in solar energy constantly wearing yellow soccer shoes Adidas X15.1 debut. Several recent Real Madrid training session hall, until Ace16.1 Primeknit wearing soccer shoes appearances J Lo, actually wearing X15.1 attended the training. For the three bars, this is not a good thing. Adidas according to plan, J Lo should be one without laces Ace16 + PureControl endorsement star, while Adidas has taken a series of J Lo and no laces as the main promotional material. And J Lo in the game do not wear no laces Ace16 + PureControl but wearing a “not-so-revolutionary” Ace16.1 Primeknit already played is not a good thing, but now actually change from Ace went to X series, which for three bar is really big drop bad!

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This feet shoes, a hint of humor in imposing appearance, there are infinite tolerance in the classic luxury. PureControl into purest born players, gold represents a change in the market for football. Adidas launched Fluid black suit: the Etch suite with the launch of the latest Limited Collection product which is a high-grade kangaroo leather material black Fluid soccer shoes, suits, containing X 15.1 and ACE 16.1 two boots.Single color Adidas latest ideas, and pure white Etch soccer shoes suit opposed Fluid suite of products all use football shoes black elements, ACE boots and X are each cents each PCT black is definitely traditionalists dream product. After the liquid is designed to suit boots to show the process of movement, the use of the production of semi-fluid metallic pigment and the use of magnets to control the flow of paint to create unique patterns and textures vamp, vamp along with pigments such as cooling showing dark metallic colors. Is not very smart idea? Adidas launched Etch Set soccer shoes: extreme simplicity, which is Adidas’s latest limited edition products – Fluid and Etch soccer shoes suit the concept of all-black and all-white colors in the X and ACE the boots perfect interpretation of the product details.

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As for Ace16.1 outsole, Sprintframe described as timeless, did not see the old state, which combines a cylindrical spikes brought a moderate elasticity and rigidity. This makes it not too hard soles, but also provides the necessary fast reaction while steering during emergency stop is not ball dropped. Are performance Ace16.1 really as Adidas said generally be “chasing”? Adidas continued to promote its “chasing” and “control everything”, made no secret of the brand’s series Ace transfer control line soccer shoes. Although different in appearance, but Adidas is still claiming Control Web element as a synthetic material and is three before. But this pair of shoes feel really different from the past, we can clearly see a change from 15.1 to 16.1. Although it looks a strong sense of plastic uppers, but once on foot, this impression will be changed soon. Control Web elements is actually more like a rubber buffer element covers the entire upper, which in addition to bring a different look, but also bring a good sense of cushion. Possession feel good, but slightly prominent Control Web provides a sense buffer. In fact, the upper triangular projection is less than 1 cm high, so in order to provide a buffer at the same time, will not bring much of a sense of distance.